Why Abaya is Black and Muslim Wear Abaya

Why Abaya is Black

Abaya is actually traditionally black in color. Abayas generally do not have a variety of colors and are mostly used in black and white. The reason for the black color is that it is the color that hides the body lines best.

Why Abaya is Important

Abayas are the products that provide the best covering among hijab products. These products are extremely important as they ensure that the hijab is performed in the most correct way.

Why Wear Abaya

Abaya is a garment preferred by women who belong to the Islamic religion. Muslim women prefer abaya to provide veiling and covering.

Why is Abaya Black in Color

The main reason for using abayas in black is traditional reasons. After being used as black in the deserts of Arabia, which is the first place of use, this remained a tradition and became integrated with the covering of black color.

Why Does Abaya Mean

Abaya is one of the hijab products. The abaya, which is a loose garment, represents modesty and simplicity. The abaya, which means a wide, long and loose veiling garment, provides the most correct covering.

 Why Muslim Wear Abaya

Today, abaya is preferred because it provides the best conditions for hijab. In the past, Arabs preferred abaya to protect themselves from desert effects.

What is The Purpose of Wearing Abaya

The purpose of wearing an abaya is to cover. The abaya, which provides the most correct veiling according to Islamic rules, has recently become very common among Muslim women.

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