When Hijab Start and When Should I Buy Online Hijab?

When Hijab Became Obligatory

Hijab started to be seen as a necessity by the religion of Islam with the revelation of the 31st verse of Surah Nur. Every Muslim woman who has reached puberty is ordered to wear the hijab.

When Hijab Controversy Started

Discussions on headscarves and some hijab dresses have been going on for many years in the world for various security reasons, but it is not possible to give a clear date. It is known that the headscarf debates in Turkey started in the 1960s.

When Hijab Start

With the revelation of the 31st verse of Surat an-Nur, which is accepted as a verse about the headscarf, it is considered that the hijab has begun for Muslim women. In other words, it corresponds to the Hijra as a period.

When Hijab Became Obligatory in Islam

It is reported that the hijab was made obligatory in the 5th year of the Hijrah. With the revelation of the hijab verse, all Muslims, male and female, began to obey the hijab rules. Hijab is a necessity only for women.

When Hijab Start Wear

The headscarf must be worn so that Muslim women cannot be seen by anyone other than men, who are not inconvenienced by the religion of Islam. Generally, nowadays, Muslim women use it when they go out of their homes.

When Hijab is for Allah

Except for those whose adornments and revealing bodies are not considered objectionable by the religion of Islam, women are required to cover themselves. It is considered necessary to cover the private parts of the people who are made obligatory.

When Hijab Became Farz

The veiling was made obligatory with the revelation of the verses on the subject. According to the verses of Surat an-Nur, it is obligatory for women to cover themselves except for certain people in Islam.

When Hijab Issue Started

The hijab became definite during the Hijra period. In fact, it is known that the subject of veiling was used as a cultural symbol long ago, apart from religious reasons.

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