What Should Be Considered While Choosing Hijab Abaya?

The main criteria you should consider when choosing between Hijab Evening Dress Models; organization concept, body structure, current trends and personal tastes. Let's take a closer look at these factors.

Organization Concept

Although abaya comes to mind with plenty of splendor, not all organizations may contain such splendor. Some organizations have a simpler concept. In these, simpler abaya designs should be preferred instead of assertive abaya designs.

On the other hand, plain abaya models in glamorous organizations such as weddings cause them to remain dim under the glow of the organization. In such concepts, it will not be risky to choose models that are generous in magnificence.

Body Structure

When evaluating the options, do not make the mistake of considering only the visual design of the model. No matter how stylish the design is, if it is not compatible with the structure of your body, an elegant image will not emerge.

In particular, shoulder, chest, waist, hip and hip width and leg length are the criteria you should consider at this point. Due to the hijab rules, clothing should not reveal your body lines, but keep in mind that too loose-fitting clothing will not be aesthetically acceptable.

If you have excesses, stay away from light colored abaya models with details such as large and bright patterns and stone embroidery on these parts of your body. Such details will make the space they are on appear larger than it is.

Evening Dress and Abaya Trends

ou need to follow the fashion in order to prepare up-to-date combinations.

Collections that offer exclusive designs can inspire you for better and/or different ones.

Your Personal Likes

Yes, following fashion is important, but you need to be careful about being inspired by fashion, not being driven by it.

Evaluate emerging trends by filtering personal taste. Among these trends, use those that fit your current style or give you ideas for new styles that excite you. Remember, the important thing is that you like the person you see in the mirror first. It is not possible to feel comfortable in designs that will make you feel alien.

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