Plain and Modern

Of course, magnificent and resplendent designs will always find their place in the collections. However, the modern age has put simplicity among the trends.

The need for tranquility created by the complexity and intensity of daily life leads people to simplicity in many areas of life. One of these areas is clothing fashion. Clothing styles, which may have seemed identical with carelessness in previous periods, have changed meaning today. Thanks to the wide perspectives of the new generation designers, plain lines see the value they deserve. The trend of simplification, which started in the 90s, continues to rise rapidly today. Simplicity is now among the unchanging trends of every season.

That is why one of the favorite clothing styles of the modern age is modest clothing and hijab clothing. How well do you know this style that is mentioned frequently? What details make an image qualify as modest?

How to Apply Modest and Hijab Style?

The expression "modest dressing style" is also used for this style, because it has a calm and unpretentious character. Modest clothing style refers to simple, comfortable, closed and modern clothing.

The modern effect in the combination is achieved by combining simplicity with elegance. In this context, the use of one or only two colors is an important detail in creating a modest style. For this reason, plain, single-colored veiling dresses and two-colored Hijab Suits are among the frequently used pieces of modest style. The rule of simplicity is also dominant in the selection of accessories. Accessories made of materials that do not cause any uproar, such as silver, can be used. However, jewelry is not an essential element in modest style.

At the starting point, we see the Islamic dress code. Therefore, modest style is used more by urban, Muslim and modern women who shape their clothes according to religious rules. However, today, it is possible to say that modest clothing style goes beyond this segment. Since it has a modern character, it attracts the attention of everyone who has placed minimalism at the center of their lives.

Suits Reflecting Modest Elegance

Combining dexterity, simplicity and elegance in the same design in Modest style. You can find this feature only in collections shaped by refined aesthetics.

Hijabium continues to bring together Muslim women and hijab clothing lovers with its assertive collections in the new season. The modest suits you will find in our online store will reflect the trends of the new season and will successfully adapt to the hijab style.

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