What do you call muslim long dress?

What do you call muslim long dress?

The word "abaya" is the most common term used to describe a Muslim woman's long dress. The word means "cloak" or "overgarment."

Abaya is a type of clothing worn by some Muslim women on their bodies. It is usually made of black fabric and covers the whole body except for the face, hands and feet.

There are many different sects of Islam, with varied guidelines for dressing. A hijab is a long garment that Muslim women wear to cover their bodies.

Hijab outfit

Hijabs and other Islamic clothing are a major part of the Islamic religion. Hijab is the headscarf worn by Muslim women, which covers their hair and sometimes their neck. The only parts of the woman's body that are not covered by her hijab are her hands, feet, and face. There are many styles of hijab in different colors and fabrics available for purchase.

Hijabs can be worn in many different ways including wrapped around the head to cover all hair from sight, loosely draped over the head with some hair sticking out or wrapped around just one side of the head to expose one ear or both ears.

There are many benefits to wearing a hijab including modesty, privacy, and protection from cold weather or harsh sunlight. The most important reason for wearing a hijab is because it is a religious obligation for Muslim women.The hijab consists of a scarf that covers the head and neck, and often also covers the face in Muslim countries. A long-sleeved, close-fitting shirt or blouse may be worn underneath it, while long skirts and trousers are sometimes also worn.

Muslim outfit

The Muslim outfit is a set of clothing that covers the whole body, with exceptions being the face, hands and feet. The most common types of Muslim outfits include hijab and niqab.

The hijab is a head covering that only leaves the face exposed. It can either be a simple scarf or more elaborate piece of clothing. The niqab, on the other hand, covers everything but the eyes.

Hijab dress

Hijab dress is a type of Islamic clothing that covers the head and chest with a long, wide piece of fabric. It is typically worn by Muslim women who want to cover their hair and bodies in public.

The hijab dress is usually worn under the abaya or shawl in more conservative countries. However, in some countries like Egypt, the hijab dress can be worn on its own without any other garments over it. This type of hijab dress is known as a "single layer" or "half hijab."

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