What Abaya Mean and What Abaya to Wear

What Abaya to Wear in Saudi

Almost all women in Saudi Arabia use abaya. The abaya, an Arabian dress, is very popular here.

What Abaya Mean

Abaya is a garment and means clad in Arabic.

What Abaya Called in Urdu

In Urdu, abaya is pronounced with the same word if it means a hijab outfit. Apart from this, there is a separate concept called Abhay in Indian culture.

What Abaya is Called in English

The word Abhaya is pronounced as “Abhey” in English. The letter H is pronounced soft, while the second letter a is pronounced as the letter e.

Abaya What Does it Mean

Abaya is a hijab dress. This outfit, which is preferred by Muslim women, is widely used by Arabs.

Abaya What Language

The word abaya is originally from Arabic. It has passed into other languages ​​as well.

What is Abaya Dress

An abaya suit is a long, loose, crepe fabric that is generally preferred in black. Muslim women wear it.

What is Abaya in Islam

Due to its length, color and abundance, the abaya adapts to the veiling style that Islam approves. It is not a requirement in Islam, but it is appropriate in terms of covering.

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