From Ignorance to Blessing: Sleep

From Ignorance to Blessing: Sleep

"Those who do not get enough sleep will be unable to stay alert and will remain a sleep-walking community." There is a structure and order to sleeping in Western civilization, but not in Islamic society. We cannot be an alert society since sleep is not granted the right."

1. Sleep is a Life-Required Necessity.

A person may withstand hunger longer than sleep, but if he does not sleep for three days, his mental health will decline, and if he does not sleep for eleven days, he will die, although some people can go without food for up to 50 days. Sleep is rest for us at night, and the two should be together.

2. Sleep provides relief from earthly problems.

Whatever tension and grief we face during the day is gone when we close our eyes and it is utilized to get rid of the thoughts. Sleep is a welcome respite on this occasion. Because a weak and feeble Muslim will be unable to do his job and duties justice.

3. Sleep is a Death Brother, while Awakening is a Resurrection Brother.

"Sleep is death's brother!"
So, in the words of Malcolm X, "one awake is enough to wake up all the sleepers." We shall consider lethargy and drowsiness our adversaries and surround ourselves with the morals of the Prophet.

At the same time, because we don't know if we'll be able to get out of bed, we should sleep with prayers. Our Prophet (saas) prayed thus:

"My God! In your name I die and in your name I rise." “Praise be to Allah (swt) who revived us after killing us (waking up after sleeping). The return is only to Him.” (Bukhari, Daavât, 8)

4. Sleep is the World's Minor and a Beautiful Memoir of the Grave and Heaven.

"In heaven, there is no death or sleep!" 1/266 (Taberani, al-Mu'jamu'l-Evsat)

Considering something that is extremely liked and important, there are so many gifts in Paradise that there is no sleep in Paradise, no matter how much sleep wants there may be.

5. Ways to Achieve Comfortable Sleep:

We cannot sleep well if anything is bothering us when we rest our heads on the pillow at night. If we have trouble falling asleep at night, it can be because of what we do during the day.

The Suffa School and domestic tables have a significant link, as does the Relaxed Stomach Civilization with the kitchen, and the issue of eating and drinking has a serious relationship with sleep. Let's split your tummies into three halves so that we can sleep well.

Peaceful Mind
A body surrounded by haram cannot have an eye that sees the haram, an ear that hears the haram, or a tranquil mind. In that circumstance, we should try to surround ourselves with halals and keep in mind that my Lord is with me and is keeping an eye on me.

Little, like sleeping

If a person has a 60-year lifespan, sleeping for 8 hours per night will cost him 16 years of his life; while, sleeping for 5 hours per night will save him 6 years and 2 months. One can study hundreds of books and do hundreds of works this year, becoming a hafiz and a scholar. These aspects of my ummah are what I fear the most. obesity, exhaustion, laziness, and a lack of faith! (Camiü's-Deaf, Suyuti, 1/404)

The Right Times to Sleep Are Not Always

The Prophet of Allah (pbuh) disliked talking after Isha and sleeping before it. (Muslim, Mesâcid, 236; Bukhari, Mevâkît, 23) In order to avoid talking after Isha and to have more time at night to communicate to his Lord, he used to make Isha a bit later. The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) forbid us from conversing after the night prayer, according to Abdullah b. Mas'ud. IbnMace (12 Salat)

Instead of sleeping according to your head, follow the Sunnah.

Even while he is lying down, a believer is still showing his commitment. One should take ablution, lie down with their head towards the qibla, turn to the right, join their hands, read the surahs, rub it on their bodies, reflect on the day, and record it. I was lying face down in the mosque for a time, my father informed me, according to Ya'ish Ibn Thfe al-Gfâr, radiyallahu anhümâ. I was moved by a man's foot as he stated, "This is a method of lying that enrages God!" (Tirmidhi, Adab, 21; EbûDâvûd, Adab, 95)

Sleep by recalling, not ignoring.

Sleep is closely related to character and discipline. It will be realized that the world will serve as our jail if we don't get out of bed in the morning. We must prepare ourselves for the tasks we will undertake before setting the alarms. "The devil ties three knots at the base of each of your necks while you sleep.He said, "Long night, go to bed, sleep," at the location of each knot. He uses his hand to strike. One of the knots will be loosened if that individual awakens and remembers Allah. Another knot is undone if he goes for an ablution. He wakes up in a happy and serene state if he also prays since all the knots the devil has tied are loosened. He wakes up feeling drowsy and indolent if he does not recall Allah, conduct ablution, or say prayers. Muslim's Musafirin (Bukhari, Tahajjud, 12; Muslim, 207)

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