How to Raise a Personality Child: 7 Golden Rules

How to Raise a Personality Child: 7 Golden Rules

The child's very existence is a huge blessing, yet with great blessings comes enormous responsibility. For this reason, the issue of offspring has been put to severe test for all of humanity, but especially for the prophets and the generation of the Companions. With him gone, the youngster was put to a rigorous test. Today, this significant benefit, both when it is present and when it is not, constantly puts us to the test. As a result, every mother and father's primary goal is to raise their children well and provide them the tools they need to develop a degree of faith, goodwill, wisdom, and wisdom. But as any parent will acknowledge, this is not a simple process.Although it might be challenging, it is our most important responsibility to raise the kids that have been given to us in a positive way. To help us figure out how to approach this difficult endeavor, we need the appropriate knowledge. In order for our children to be unique people with personalities, we have developed 7 golden guidelines.

1. Don't force your personal aspirations upon your kids!

Inform them about Islam, including what is halal and haram, and about worship, morals, and the fear of Allah. Give them the essential tenets of our religion then let them to imagine their own. So that they might become Muslims with stance, give them the chance to be the heroes of their own aspirations rather than the chance to be ineffectual extras of the dreams that you failed to realize.

2. Determine Which Field Your Children Are Attracted To!

There is absolutely no law in Islam that states that every child must grow up to be a hafiz, scholar, or leader. Every kid will be a servant of Allah, according to the central tenet of Islam. After serving Allah well and remaining within the halal community, appreciate your children's career, employment, and personal decisions. If it is not one of the places that Islam forbids, find out what area they have heard about and assist them. Do it this way so kids won't be forced to live miserable lives doing things they don't enjoy for the rest of their lives simply because you want them to...

3. Spend time together with your kids!

Quality time is when your children are joyful and able to express their emotions, not when you are happy, at ease, and content. Instead of continually telling them to shut up, don't, don't, don't, approach, there should be occasions when you can admire them, be impressed by their thoughts, and be proud of themselves while spending time with them. Do this to encourage your kids to grow up to be courageous, expressive Muslims.

4. Don't overlook your kids' heart health education!

Of course, it matters what knowledge your kids have. The diploma is also crucial. But heart training, where they may utilize this information and certificate as a Muslim, is more significant than these. The education and certificate they acquire won't ever point them in the direction of the truth if you can't arm them with values like morality, compassion, fairness, justice, generosity, brotherhood, bravery, and knowledge of human rights, all of which need heart training and self-cultivation. Give your kids heart training so they can grow up to be decent Muslims.

5. Be Sure to Talk to Your Kids About It!

Ask for their opinions on the toys and clothing you want to buy for children as well as the most crucial problems you discuss in your house in front of them. Make them converse so they may learn to communicate their thoughts, accept those of others, object, listen to others, and respect others. Do this to help them develop into independent Muslim individuals with individuality.

6. Encourage your kids to accept responsibility!

Give kids little duties and control even when they are very young. Give him something he can afford on the way home from shopping. When you travel, give them your baggage, toys, and personal items. Give them temporary access to certain of your belongings from time to time. Teach children the importance of keeping their word and respecting deadlines. Do this to help them develop into model Muslims who uphold the law, don't avoid responsibility, consider the outcomes of their effort, and keep their word.

7. Bring Up Your Kids to Be Valued and Personal Muslims!

Do not overlook! Our ummah is in need of scholars, hafizes, and teachers right now, but our greater need is for people who uphold their morals regardless of their status, wealth, or position. These people are Muslims who keep their word, do not oppress others, commit acts of injustice, deny the rights of servants, refrain from touching haram, do not oppress others, and who do not oppress themselves.

May Allah provide us the capacity to rear our kids in such a way.


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